Monday, March 1, 2010

What is simple in my life!!

FOR TODAY --- March 2 but actually it was Monday because i didn't know this date had changed!!
but does it matter!!!

Outside my window...Daylight is coming, it is cloudy and  the wind is roaring thru the buildings, the plastic garage is trying to stay put with its sides flapping and making crackling noises, the ground is bare and brown and last years leaves are still on the ground

I am thinking...there is too much to do already and it will probably just sit there at least for another month or until it warms up a bit

I am thankful for...for life itself but for the grace that God will give me unto death

From the learning rooms...

From the kitchen...there is thinly sliced colored peppers that i made into a marigold flower on an old forget-me-not plate, cashew cream that needs to be frozen, macadamia nuts to blend, green salad for breakfast, a few dishes left over from the meeting and macro piecrust cut outs for the grandchildren when they play tea.

I am wearing...a warm blanket around my shoulders with pjs still

I am creating...a bulletin from the meeting last night

I am russia maybe for two weeks, we shall see at the end of the day, and maybe smithers today just because my dailyhabit is unbreakable

I am reading...the simple womans blogs about prayer, it is so intense and upllifting and really not too simple and yet when prayeris daily done it is simple, you can go about your life with peace

I am hoping...that relationships heal

I am hearing...the wind still, the fire

Around the house...  books laying all over the floor to be sorted and given away

One of my favorite things...this blanket and couch,  i hardly ever sit on my new ones

A few plans for the rest of the week: just at home this week want to exercise and practise breathing properly

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...

Sunday, February 21, 2010

where time stand still............

For today--- from my daybook... this is for Monday morning


Outside my windy out lately, my brush piles still have to be burned and it is still dark out, the bird seeder is empty and there is muc everywhere............still waiting for the snow to melt  hahha

I am thinking...i need to set the clock , make muffins in the morning, and black bean cakes

I am thankful for... home, car, food, the forebearance God has to me and the example of loving kindness he has when mistakes are made,

I am

I am remembering...what it was like last spring-can hardly wait to start putting in a garden again

I am wash my car tomorrow

I am currently reading...Daniel and the Revelation by Uriah Smith and Daniel 11. One more chapter to go and this is the glory chapter where Michael stands up and is going to save us

I am hoping... our prayers for a mended family will be answered--3

On my mind... another weekend is over and with it came a visit from one daughter, a phone call from a friend, and a just a plain lazy two days that were too relaxing!!!! but it will but it will be nice to work again

Noticing that... it is almost time to burn the grass

Pondering these words..change your breathing, change your health, change your life

From the kitchen... black beans and rice today and two weeks till payday!!

Around the house...magazines that i have to decide to get rid of--tons of victoria and martha stewart
One of my favorite kitchen

From my picture journal...

Blogger Award

Thank you so much for adding me to your list of friends and finding new friends who love God too.  It is so uplifting to have others in the same mind!!!!

 As a recipient of the Beautiful Blogger Award, one must:
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  1. am a single grandma for the last 27 years
  2. have four grown kids with  three grandchildren
  3. am a practising dental assistant
  4. been to bolivia , hawaii, australia and most of the states and canada
  5. drive a red optra, have a red cell, wear a red coat and gloves but my real favorite color is pink
  6. am in good health and just starting to get lots of grey hair--will turn 60 in May
  7. and best of all God has been my husband thru these many years and has been my Friend in looking after my many needs and wants and listening to my prayers.  The eternal three will always be my shining Light!  i am a seventh day adventist.
And now 15 people who would like to share this blog may do so by copying the acceptance instructions above......and enjoy meeting other new friends!!!
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Monday, February 8, 2010


For today--- from my daybook... this is Monday morning

Outside my windy out lately, my brush piles still have to be burned and it is still dark out, the bird seeder is empty and there is muc everywhere............

I am thinking...i had better hurry or i will be late

I am thankful for... life and people and forgiveness and grace

I am wearing...clogs on my feet

I am remembering...i need to drink at least a quart of water right now

I am going...back to work after being off for a few days,

I am currently reading...Daniel and the Revelation by Uriah Smith and Damiel 11. it is a long chapter and lots to evaluate

I am hoping... our prayers for a mended family will be answered--2

On my mind... another lady of 84 is passing away today and a baby will be born soon too of a young girl i knew

Noticing that... there is no snow here and the river is now a trickle

Pondering these words..up from the grave He arose!! won't it be exciting to wake up from the grave and find all our loved ones around us that we have known

From the kitchen... cheesecake

Around the house...dishes and makin heart valentines

One of my favorite red car that get me to work and back safely

From my picture journal...

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Quite a weekend

For today--- from my daybook...  this is Sunday night
Outside my window...the cars with lights on going past my window one by one, a big loader with bright lights going by, no stars, just foggy clouds, and the other cars are picking up oranges and grapefruits from Florida

I am thinking... it has been a nice weekend after all, i am so glad it is over but wish it would start over again, that this might be a morbid post for all of you but then someone might relate also......well here is to a good week, may God bless us all.....

I am thankful for... that my daughter came today and we had a nice chat about things and to know she is finally growing up and realizing what being an adult finally is ..whatever that means...maturing i guess
I am wearing... the most confortable thing in the guessed it..........................pjs

I am remembering...when my mom died, within the half hour she had turned cold and unmoving.  this sounds gruesome i know but i went to a friends funeral today and went to the casket to say goodbye and she was peaceful, i touched her hand and it was still..........hard remembering

I am travel the 65 km to work all week and back--things don't change too much but i am thankful, going to lose weight,  going to phone my friend, going to make a scrapbook of photos

I am currently reading...Daniel and the Revelation by Uriah Smith and Damiel 11.  it is a long chapter and lots to evaluate

I am hoping... that after a great arguement that our family will find its way back together again, my son is a missionary in Brasil and i hope that his trip in the jungle will be safe as there will be no communication for a whole month--still again

On my mind... the funeral of a church family member which left a great impact on a lot of people and attended my women's ministry and always invited someone over for dinner everyday, never complained about anyone,  i wish to be as nice but have a long way to go
Also...of a couple that is going thru a hard time in their marriage.  i pray to God pleading that he will answer and help them to mend things together even for the children's sake

Noticing that... the weather has warmed up enough to make the day nice with the fluttering of a snowfalke here and there

Pondering these words...Unless we can hear each other singing and crying, unless we can comfort each other's failures and cheer each other's victories, we are missing out on the best that life has to offer..  The only real action takes place on the bridge between peiople.

From the kitchen... i made a fudge brownie and left it at the church kitchen for the guests

Around the house...just the main bedroom left

One of my favorite things...casket that is laiden with pink ruffles and lace taffeta and pillow--it was divine and the only way i would consider being buried in the ground!!!!!!

From my picture journal...

Sunday, January 24, 2010

just lots of things

For today--- from my daybook

Outside my window...well! i am writing this on Sunday evening so it is quite dark out and chilly. the snow has been disappearing quickly and there are huge patches of ice all over the driveway although the highway is clear and dry

I am thinking... how can people talk so fast, some people are so lucky as to talk all day long without stopping!!!!   tomorrow i really have to wash my car as it hasn't been done all winter, but the roads are dry now sooooooo

I am thankful for... that God has blessed even though I am such a sinner.  what a merciful God I have!!!  everyday i have to be thankful for this same thing and every day i say the same thing  but that is okay...

I am wearing... sheesh...what would we do without pjs...but i was wearing jeans today and tomorrow i am in scrubs again, we start working in a brand new renovated office

I am remembering...when all the kids were home again and i should have been more thankful when they were young, it was so much fun to have them all home, it is fun to be busy

I am travel the 65 km to work all week and back

I am currently reading...Daniel and the Revelation by Uriah Smith

I am hoping... that after a great arguement that our family will find its way back together again, my son is a missionary in Brasil and i hope that his trip in the jungle will be safe as there will be no communication for a whole month

On my mind... i have to rely on God and faith this week as the problems i have right now is beyond my reach and my hands can do no more so God please help......

Noticing that... it is so windy all day and the wind is roaring in the leafless  trees

Pondering these words...For many survivors, healing begins when they find a comforting shoulder or a safe place to talk about their complicated and conflicting ...

From the kitchen... tomato foccacia bread for work all week .....or will it last all week

Around the house...well not too much right now waiting for spring to organize my plants

One of my favorite flowers

From my picture journal...

Monday, January 18, 2010

Monday for all to see

For today--- from my daybook

Outside my is a white sultry day that is snowing and cool andthe horse is standing outside trying to see if there is any movement in this house, he is a onely horse all day just standing there. Does he feel like me sometimes and wishes he had a dog around!!!!!!!
I am thinking... of what to write here and what to give my daughter and how i am going to remember what i am taught to give it to my clients, to bring honor to those who are gracious to me, to long for the day that i sleep forever and wake to eternity when Jesus comes

I am thankful for... that God has blessed even though I am such a sinner.  what a merciful God I have!!!

I am wearing... still in pjs after actually forgetting it was Monday, getting dressed in jeans after, it is amazing how many of us are in pjs.  we are ladies of the home i guess!!

I am many times people have said i look so much like this lady and to some degree i do, no grey hair have i at 60, but it would be nice if i looked as young,,,,she is my grandmother who has now passed away

I am the dishes, wait for my neighbor to bring potatoes over and then tomorrow probably take it to town for my daughter, to sew her curtains as well
I am currently reading...Daniel and the Revelation by Uriah Smith

I am hoping... could not find the Common Ground site,  but i am hoping that there is someone out there with whom i have that connection

On my mind... how come i feel so useless sometimes, and so i better get up and do something.  the things of this world are so empty, heaven seems so inviting right now

Noticing that... the snowfalkes were falling to the east instead of the west

Pondering these words...For many survivors, healing begins when they find a comforting shoulder or a safe place to talk about their complicated and conflicting ...

From the kitchen... nothing just raw green salad with sprouts and seeds

Around the house...washing is done so there is a lot of sewing to do, sweep th porch

One of my favorite things... raspberry sauce with asparagas and lemon with a mild white cheese

From my picture journal...

Monday, January 11, 2010

A busy day in January

For today--- from my daybook

Outside my window... it has been warm and maybe a chinoock is blowing by for the last couple of days, and raining and very windy,  right now it is five in the morning and dark
I am thinking... all night in my sleep how nice it is to breathe and wondering how i will do a breathing presentation...and how nice it is to sleep and let the world go by!!!!

I am thankful for... for peace and quiet even though i have had too much lately, for time off work, for green salads, that God is a joyful God

I am wearing... nothing new...same old ....pjs this time of morning....same old but very comfy jeans and shirt for the rest of the day

I am remembering... many years ago when I first moved to this valley, how empty the trailer was and how i slept on the floor in the living room with one mattress and a set of outdoor christmas lights around the mirrors to give me light, and now I have a full house of many things.

I am going... to get ready for my dinner tomorrow with the other dental clinic, going to Smithers today to shop,

I am currently reading...just magazines that i have around the house for projects to do and to dream of doing....hahaha..that is the only way it gets done!!!!!

I am hoping... a few of you or more would come by my facebook group and join me and the ladies there...just look for "Common Ground"...that sounds interesting for today......

On my mind... many things today--empty garbage, go shopping, icy roads,  things to say for presentation, how my kids are, how to save money to go to Bolivia again or is it somewhere else i need to go????

Noticing that... i am always the largest person in pictures and i need to get out and exercise and start to eat healthy again...groan ....but that should be easy right!!!!!

Pondering these words...Gen. 2:7....And God formed man out of the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life...and man become a living soul.

What joy it must have been for God to give man life after forming every little cell and artery and hair and layering the skin across the dusted form of this man,  after breathing into him and giving him the smile of life and a mate to enjoy.  these are the things God cannot do---make our choices for us, give birth--although He can create--but what joy in his heart to give us these things

From the kitchen... couscous and red quinoa for breafast with raisins and cream!!!!

Around the house...well this may sound really silly but i put up the rest of my christmas decorations last night just to finish things off and enjoy the end product.  Christmas is so pretty..

One of my favorite things... oh yes and there was such a georgeous moon the other was large and round except for the top as it was sort of rounded with the top taken off and it was orange in a subtle way

From my picture journal...

Monday, December 21, 2009

December 21st

FOR TODAY... from Bev's Daybook

Outside my window... Dawn is here and with it a promise of another mild day of 9 degrees

I am thinking... about about what to do with my granddaughter today

I am thankful for... the mercies and protection and guidance of a 'gracious' God

I am wearing... green jeans later on today for shopping and clogs as they are so comfortable and versitile, for now it is pjs. as this is the first home time i have had in a long time it seems.

I am remembering... a special decoration i made years ago out of pistachio shells around a styrofoam ball with a red ribbon.  i hope i can find it now.

I am going... to make a list of what i have to do today including a baby shower that will be held today at the church.  they will use my pink christmas decorations that we had for womens ministry meeting

I am currently reading... Buyteko Breathing

I am hoping... that my children will be safe today and find a blessing in keeping the Father of heaven in their lives

On my mind... well!  it is nice to write this again after another month and to sit in from the of pellet fireplace enjoying its warmth

Noticing that... i have three kids that were born this week on christmas day---oldest daughter and two years later twin boys

Pondering these words... "She turned to the frost-covered window and scratching a small opening with her fingers, she pressed her face to the pane to look out on Christmas Day. An angry wind swirled heavily falling snow, piling drifts in seemingly mountainous proportions. She could not even see the well at times for the density of it."...Love Comes Softly  i am going to leave this quote up posted by  our host,  just because i love it.

Ephesians 6    And God raised us up with Christ and seated us with him in the heavenly realms in Christ Jesus, 7in order that in the coming ages he might show the incomparable riches of his grace, expressed in his kindness to us in Christ Jesus. 8For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this not from yourselves, it is the gift of God— 9not by works, so that no one can boast. 10For we are God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.

From the kitchen... all kinds of sprouts and green salad and biscotti

Around the house... Christmas decorations to put up , general things to do

One of my favorite things~ poinsettias

From my picture journal...this is for gifts to wrap.....

Monday, November 16, 2009

A month has gone by

FOR TODAY...november 16, 2009
i looked at the last entry and a whole month almost has passed and it has been that long since i have a few minutes to sit down and actally write, so here it is......

Outside my window... well between the flowered curtains i can see that it is still dark out--quarter after seven

I am thinking... i have probably said it all this morning but right now i keep seeing shadows move and i am thinking i am going to have to get one of those ultrasonic plugins to scare mice away.  they don't eat the poison anymore. 

I am thankful for... for this week off, my boss has gone to San Diego,  how do you spell that!!, for a seminar, it has been nice to be at home as i am sorting junk and moving it around and trying to get rid of it - threw out a little bit---hahahha

I am wearing... well wouldn't you know it,, its almst like when the phone rings when you are in the is white.....

I am remembering...the times when my mom was alive and the times i would phone and dad would answer the phone with OH! Hi Buff,,,,,hey Orlo...its buff come to the phone...

I am going... probably going to Smithers today, that is town about 45minutes away.....and bringing my kids the junk i sorted out so they can throw it away...hahhaha

I am reading...just magazines--Mary Janes Farm,  Romantic Country decorating because it has pink in it  and e-Sword on the computer--a bible platform

I am hoping... that i will be able to read a few of your entries, that i will get a decent paycheck after this month, that God will answer a couple of prayers for today and that each of you wil have a good day full of blessings to put on paper

On my mind... well that is almost the same as i am hoping and remembering and thankful and thinking......

From the learning rooms... the learning rooms of my mind tells me to be careful what and who i critisize, to be more understanding of other people--there is always a reason what they do and to remember the issue behind the action.

Noticing that... it is getting daylight now and there is still the same snow out as was yesterday

Pondering these words... a little clipping my mother had saved---it is funny how you never get too old to learn some new ways to be foolish

From the kitchen...Creamed eggs on toast for breakfast, gren salad with pears, feta, pecans and lemon dressing for dinner and am going to make some hard bread---now aren't i just absent minded for a moment what is it called.........

Around the house... lots of boxes to put away and christmas decorations to sort out and a womens meeting to get ready for, clothes to wash and get ready for work tomorrow

One of my favorite things~ i just love this old couch with white sheets covering it and green pillows with a lace one too

From my picture journal...