Sunday, January 24, 2010

just lots of things

For today--- from my daybook

Outside my window...well! i am writing this on Sunday evening so it is quite dark out and chilly. the snow has been disappearing quickly and there are huge patches of ice all over the driveway although the highway is clear and dry

I am thinking... how can people talk so fast, some people are so lucky as to talk all day long without stopping!!!!   tomorrow i really have to wash my car as it hasn't been done all winter, but the roads are dry now sooooooo

I am thankful for... that God has blessed even though I am such a sinner.  what a merciful God I have!!!  everyday i have to be thankful for this same thing and every day i say the same thing  but that is okay...

I am wearing... sheesh...what would we do without pjs...but i was wearing jeans today and tomorrow i am in scrubs again, we start working in a brand new renovated office

I am remembering...when all the kids were home again and i should have been more thankful when they were young, it was so much fun to have them all home, it is fun to be busy

I am travel the 65 km to work all week and back

I am currently reading...Daniel and the Revelation by Uriah Smith

I am hoping... that after a great arguement that our family will find its way back together again, my son is a missionary in Brasil and i hope that his trip in the jungle will be safe as there will be no communication for a whole month

On my mind... i have to rely on God and faith this week as the problems i have right now is beyond my reach and my hands can do no more so God please help......

Noticing that... it is so windy all day and the wind is roaring in the leafless  trees

Pondering these words...For many survivors, healing begins when they find a comforting shoulder or a safe place to talk about their complicated and conflicting ...

From the kitchen... tomato foccacia bread for work all week .....or will it last all week

Around the house...well not too much right now waiting for spring to organize my plants

One of my favorite flowers

From my picture journal...

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