Monday, August 10, 2009

the simple woman: Are YOU Ready?

the simple woman: Are YOU Ready?

FOR TODAY (which is August 10)...

Outside my window...blessed clouds, it seems so long since it has rained and things are so dry here. Slight wind and coolish--a 52 degrees F today.
I am thinking...i am looking at the temp for Guayamerin, and what a change from yesterday-it was 90 and now it is 65. i am leaving for Bolivia next week and am getting real nervous. Beginnin to wonder the wisdom of booking this trip. But i am going to trust God will take care of me.

I am thankful for...for my property and the scenery around it, had a good garden this year--tons of zucchinis, thankful for the grace of God and what a huge intake those three words are!! God is so good! Makes me take a big breath!

From the learning rooms...(i am just changing jobs and i need to listen to the still small voice that tells me to slow down)

From the kitchen...Zucchini Casserole---slice the veggies and onions and layer them, salt, and pour on diluted tomato soup and top with grated cheese and bake. it is sooooo good. I am wondering if it wil freeze. i am going to try. once it is cooked it should be okay.

I am wearing...PINK

I am creating...a bedspread for a single bed for one of my granddaughters

I am Terrace today to shop for clothes for Bolivia

I am reading...bringing along some recipie books to copy my old recipies for on the plane. i have a two day flight, and my mini computer

I am hoping...that my house will keep safe here, my flights will be good and that someone will meet me at the airport when i get there.

I am hearing...the cold wind swaying the trees, crows talking, train going by, we went to a friends house the other day and the train went by and right after that the coyotes started to howl. Every time!!!!

Around the house...just about got everything organized, a young couple will be spending the weekends here and someone will be waering my plants. Garden is rototilled for the most part. When i come back i will get two loads of manure and have it set for the winter. Still need to get underneath the trailer and insulate a few pipes. i have been putting it off till the last minute.......

One of my favorite things...The pillows i am leaning on!!!!!

A few plans for the rest of the week:.....Work for Wed and Thurs and last minute preps on Friday and make peanut butter cookies to take to my son, pick up pkgs at the post office and buy another suitcase and and and..................................

Here is picture thought I am sharing...