Monday, September 29, 2008

Daybook for September 29

For Today...monday ~~Well it is actually evening now

Outside my Window...the day has been so beautiful and clear and warm. everone was saying why do we have to work or why can't we see our patients outside!!! I am sure protocol does not allow us but if given an individual choice no one would mind!!! But we are stuck inside with no windows and peoples' comments on the weather or as some did-not show up!!! Now it is a clear dusky sky that promises to be another warm day. Golden leaves are fallen on a green lawn and the garden begs to be retilled.

I am thankful for...for a God who is patient with us when we make mistakes and tr to make decisions on our own. How He patiently works around us trying to iron out each circumstance. I am thankful for the presence of Christ in our lives.

In the kitchen...
Blueberry tea, spinach/banana smoothie that i didn't finish which will probably go to the compost worms!!!, salad, just something simple for the only one at home--me!!

I am wearing...Scrubs still. there is a new pink and plack printed top with pink bias tape around the neck. it is pretty

I am reading...nothing really just listening to Amazing Discoveries by Walter Vieth on last day events of this world, my bible lesson on line
current lesson

I am creating...a space in this silent room by where i sit

I am hearing...hummm walter vieth talking and making dry jokes

Around the house...Jaimie's stuff is still in places around the house and Josies room has little girl stuff all over the floor!! We are waiting to see what she does in the next couple of days.

One of my favorite large pink coffee mugs that now has cold Caf-lib in it because i am writing this blog~~

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week...well i think i am going to keep on dreaming instead of buying a new car. the economy is so unpredictable now it is scarry to go into debt over a car. i shall wait....................just another work week..........still have to get out my pink blog for womens ministry ladies which is three weeks late because i have too much going on in my house right now. washing carrots!!! braiding onions and cooking beets........

A picture thought.......

Monday, September 15, 2008

Daybook for sept 15

For Today...monday morning again!!!!!

Outside my Window...grey cloudy morning but the clouds are high so it should be an average warm day,

I am thankful for...again for a God who is all knowing, who exists, merciful and compassionate even in our troubles. I have learned in this past week that the devil would have our very lives taken and sometimes he does, but if i am alive it is because God isn't finished with me yet!!!!

In the kitchen...sprouted buckwheat for breakfast with hemp milk bananas, and raisins, in the dehydrator-- tomatoes

I am wearing...oh dear pj's still must hurry have to go to work

I am reading...the instruction book on how to install microsoft office, my bible lesson on line current lesson

I am creating...some new ideas for my blog--me too or thinking about it!!!!

I am hearing...dehydrator

Around the arranging for my family to come

One of my favorite comfy overstuffed chair that my mom re upholstered

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week...stacking wood getting my new car ordered and weekend groceries and buying a new daybed

A picture thought.......
which on shall i choose the jet or the car~!!!!!!!

Monday, September 8, 2008

another week in my life in the fall

FOR TODAY (September 8 2008)...

Outside My Window...i am getting up at 6:30am and it is dark, thick clouds envelope the mountains, all the trees are still, leaves are turning yellow, boletus mushrooms have grow out of nowhere to a huge size, heavy dew on the ground, birds are ravenous tis year as the feeder was just replenished yesterday....

I am is daylight now and i have an hour to get ready for work. i am glad i only have ten minutes to drive to work for the next two days and in the daylight!!

It's going to be a big change for me as my daughter and her girl mmove in with me for the school year but it will be nice for company..

I am thankful for...the miracles God has provided in his mercy and in hard times. He does his best work in these times!

From the kitchen...blueberry tea for now and a spinach green smothie with banana for breakfast--i should add some mixture of ground flax/sesame/hemp, then i will have nuts to eat also and another banana!!!!!

I am wearing...pj's of course now but i shall change into brand new scrubs i bought last week--pink/black patterened ones

I am creating...pencil or flower vases out of cans and putting decorative paper and lace and ribbon and stuff around to make it look pretty

I am going...would like to make a trip to calgary soon still haven't picked up my organ yet

I am reading...bibleand lesson on line

I am hoping...that this school year wil be rewarding and productive and a blessing for the children and that te teacer will have strength thruougt the year

I am hearing...the dryer

Around the i got up there was this very deep baritone hummbuzz--scared me as i listened to it for a few minutes wondering what on earth it was and where it was coming from . the dryer door ws open and it had flown into it and then on the door. below is a very poor picture but you get the idea. i have no idea what it is and have never seen one before.........

One of my favorite water jug

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week:....just work and re arranging my house so daughter can move in

Here is picture thought I am sharing...