Monday, November 24, 2008


FOR TODAY (November 24)...
Outside my window...dark sky thru plastic on the windows, can't see too much yet

I am thinking...that it is slightly cold in here, the stove is still going but i am going to let it go out so i can clean it this evening. i will use the propane instead today

I am thankful for...everymorning i wake up thankful for the God in heaven who supplies all my nds and that i can turn to Him and know He is alive and is the one constant thing in this whole universe that is true and good and able

From the learning rooms...(if this applies) i am sitting on my couch and i should learn to get off of it more often hahahha!!!!

From the kitchen...salad, grapefruits, and soup for today, subway for the wed and thurs....

I am wearing...ditto from all the other weeks!!!!!

I am creating...a Christmas look for the house this week and sewing curtains

I am work

I am bible lesson on the internet

I am make decisions this week on going to bolivia and also tat the roads will be clear by wed to travel into town

I am hearing...snow fall down off the roof, the pellet drop down in the stove and the fans going, a vehicle just drove by, a train whistles and rumbles by, the wind is blowing, my! a busy morning already

Around the house...still the electrical to get done in the addition

One of my favorite things... is this picture on facebook that everybody is buying, i posted a pic of a brown and white teddy bears sitting together and it has gone over and over again

A few plans for the rest of the week:just to get a program going for the ladies meeting on te seventh of dec.

Here is picture thought I am sharing...(

Monday, November 17, 2008

just a picture today----says it all

FOR TODAY (november 17)...

Outside my window...well this morning we woke up to five inches of snow making things a very pretty winter wonderland. absolutely lovely. so i walked to the window and took a picture. and very warm out for this time of year.

I am would be so nice to stay at home today instead of going to work but there are so many tings to do and no time to do it in.

I am thankful for...for the freedom to pray and for the coice to do so. i am thankful for the Spirit and his leading

From the kitchen...grapefruits and oranges from Florida just arrived, tey are so good and we look forward to them every winter season, just made a green salad with a peanut butter slice of bread!!! nuts and fruit for dinner...........sounds really appetizing doesn't it. i guess you could put it all tgether and have a Thai meal with noodles.....getting better eh!!

I am pjs right now as it will soon be time for bed and then the start of another day

I am creating...not much
I am going...go turn on the pellet stove, it is getting chilly sitting here

I am reading...nothing

I am get all my papers arranged to go to bolivia this february, we booked our hotel for vancouver already and pacific dental conference is coming up so our flights will be the next thing to book

I am hearing...the snow fall off the roof, the TV, cooktop beeping telling me there is something on the stove....that is so aggravating!!!it makes me always hae a tidy stove......hahha

Around the house...are Christmas decorations to sort out

One of my favorite cozy, crazy, unmatched living room with plants all over

A few plans for the rest of the week:mail passport, mail curt his money, put in a christmas present, buy his laptop, birthday for my grandson who is one year old, get the Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes out, and get ready to go to smithers already. i am wiped already besides that i have to phine a hundred people.

Here is picture thought I am sharing...

Monday, November 10, 2008

A new day

FOR TODAY (november 10)...

Outside my window...dark as usual but will get light in about an hour and then the sun will light up the mountains and then it will rain again hahah but it was cold last night so i guess we will have some nice weather today i will let you know.....

I am more day to work and then a day off for Remembrance Day

I am thankful children and their children, for the comfort we find in family and the ability to help them, Praising God for his mercy toward us

From the learning rooms...(if this applies)it does --because each room we go to in the home or the memory we have of things that happened, or the great outdoors, i learn to be forgiving and to look on others as the Masters children

From the kitchen...just Shreddies for breakfast again and Spinach salad for dinner. tomorrow i will make some asparagas soup

I am pjs as usual and scrubs for today

I am creating...a scrapbooking page for the ladies journal

I am have a hot bath before work

I am reading...the man;y magazines for ideas on a christmas party for the ladies

I am hoping...that everything will turn out in the end and everyone will have fun. i am hoping to buy a house or property and that my son will come home to canada to build it!!!!!!!

I am hearing...the furnace and the tapping of the computer keys, the silence of the room and my mind going on what i have to do today---hahhahah

Around the the grandkids bike, papers on the couch to sort out, dishes to wash from this morning and geraniums to water and the hearth to put together
One of my favorite things...facebook contacts and my other blog

A few plans for the rest of the week: maybe my pellet stove will come which should have been here last week, no special things happening other than that

Here is picture thought I am sharing...

make sure to click on the link back to the other daybook logs. it is fun

Monday, November 3, 2008

Monday, November 3, 2008

For Today... it is early and the second day for the time change and it seems lots of people are still wide awake this time of the morning..... it is 5'30 am or actually 4'30. a couple of hours to go before we have to get ready for work.

Outside my is still dark--i am a morning person i always get up early and go to bed late too for that matter!!! It has been raining all night again and am wondering if our Christmas will be white or brown
I am thankful home, and property, i enjoy the beauty of its surrounding area the the people who are around me. i am thakful for Gof in heaven who has granted me health, and riches and protection and for the saving power in his life giving hands. Do you know the song that Ivan Parker sings.....Saved by the hands

From the kitchen...a quart of warm blueberry tea and Shreddies for breakfast again! Schneider's puts out a real nice fake chicken made with soy protein that is actually very good called Oh Natural........will make a nice chicken burger for dinner.

I am wearing... right now pink nite shirt with little white lambs but later scrubs again--that's my life! although the seminar last week said that for the uptown lifestyle in a dental office, you can wear co-ordinated colors on certain days! but different styles and not scrubs! lab coats???NO.

I am reading...Victoria, Martha Stewart, i have magazines i have saved for 20 years that i am looking thru. time to thow some away i guess but some of them have such nice pictures in them. or i could cut them out and scrapbook---a good idea! i wonder where you all get your antique pics from......

I am it is the fridge fan!!!!! and one of the wall clocks steadily ticking. don't think i have changed all of them yet!!!1

Around the house.....For the third time i have lost my bank card and this morning i thought i lost it again. Something strange is going on here but not really because i just happened to empty the contents of my purse in a box and put it away where i would not forget--hahah---and after searching a few places this morning found it again. That was a relief!!!! Time to sort thru Christmas is a setting i used a couple years or so ago for a ladies meeting....

I am actually going to sort thru some of my books and give them away
I am creating----I am going to work on making a catherdral quilt and a truck birthday cake for the grand boy who will be one in a couple of weeks

One of my favorite of my kids and grandkids

Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week...going to have my car detailed this week and its winter oil change, wipers too.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you...

have a good week everybody.............!!!!