Monday, September 8, 2008

another week in my life in the fall

FOR TODAY (September 8 2008)...

Outside My Window...i am getting up at 6:30am and it is dark, thick clouds envelope the mountains, all the trees are still, leaves are turning yellow, boletus mushrooms have grow out of nowhere to a huge size, heavy dew on the ground, birds are ravenous tis year as the feeder was just replenished yesterday....

I am is daylight now and i have an hour to get ready for work. i am glad i only have ten minutes to drive to work for the next two days and in the daylight!!

It's going to be a big change for me as my daughter and her girl mmove in with me for the school year but it will be nice for company..

I am thankful for...the miracles God has provided in his mercy and in hard times. He does his best work in these times!

From the kitchen...blueberry tea for now and a spinach green smothie with banana for breakfast--i should add some mixture of ground flax/sesame/hemp, then i will have nuts to eat also and another banana!!!!!

I am wearing...pj's of course now but i shall change into brand new scrubs i bought last week--pink/black patterened ones

I am creating...pencil or flower vases out of cans and putting decorative paper and lace and ribbon and stuff around to make it look pretty

I am going...would like to make a trip to calgary soon still haven't picked up my organ yet

I am reading...bibleand lesson on line

I am hoping...that this school year wil be rewarding and productive and a blessing for the children and that te teacer will have strength thruougt the year

I am hearing...the dryer

Around the i got up there was this very deep baritone hummbuzz--scared me as i listened to it for a few minutes wondering what on earth it was and where it was coming from . the dryer door ws open and it had flown into it and then on the door. below is a very poor picture but you get the idea. i have no idea what it is and have never seen one before.........

One of my favorite water jug

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week:....just work and re arranging my house so daughter can move in

Here is picture thought I am sharing...

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