Sunday, August 31, 2008


FOR TODAY (August 31)...a holiday for the provinces

Outside My Window...I am writing at night for tomorrow and it is dark as ink out there, but surprisingly warm as last week has been cold. On the mountains it has been snowing every day. It actually snowed in Canmore this weekend as I was looking at some pictures my friend had as they were celebrating their wedding anniversary.

I am thinking...why does my leg have to ache constantly making it difficult to walk even, it hurts as i have those v veins. Doctors appt coming up!

I am thankful new kichen, but a flattop stove is not the best thing to use for canning, it ruined my canner that i had borrowed and so i will have to buy her a new one, thankful for 3ABN station-you can find it on the net also, my bed as i have to get there right now --it is past 12 o'clock and i might turn into a pumpkin tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!

From the kitchen...bread and butter pickles as you can look at on my other blog--and carrot and bean dills and one beet pickles all made with lemon juice.

I am mom always made these nightgowns when we were home as kids and when she died she had left a pretty pink flowered one. it is comfortable anyway for lounging in.

I am creating...i create a mess everyday and somehow it just does not clean itself up--i guess i am missing kids at home!!!!!

I am going...or would love to go to Calgary on sept 18 to see Neil Diamond!!!!!!!!!!!!that would be so much fun but i am too far away.............

I am reading...files on the internet about dental things i have to know in ordr to keep my job--all about bioblocks, rhino and pharo machines and such things.

I am buy a Mazda 3 with all the accessories, but maybe i will just stick with my sons toyota pickupas he is in bolivia, i am hoping my other son will bring it and the organ out from calgary

I am dehyrator is running with bananas and pineapple in it

Around the house...still the things of last week to do

One of my favorite things...sweet potatoes with sea salt and lime juce

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: would like to can more pickled carrots tomorrow, and work starts on the second here this week so will be working one day here at home and then two days in smither again. drs appoint for legs on friday.

Here is picture thought I am sharing...



Hill upon hill said...

Your canning looks beautiful.

Kimberly at Echowood said...

Hi Buff! Thanks for visiting my blog the other day. I'm a little slow sometimes at returning visits, but here I am! Your Thru Pink Curtains blog is so pretty! I love all your gorgeous pictures. All that canning you're doing puts me in mind of an old-fashioned farm kitchen in summer. I've never gotten brave enough to try canning, myself---it's sort of something I picture doing in my "ideal" life. Well, there's always time (I hope!). I enjoyed reading your Daybook. Hope you have a wonderful week!