Monday, August 18, 2008

Monday Night

FOR TODAY (August 18,008)...

Outside My Window... The moon speaks - last night it was a full moon clouded over by night clouds, this morning while driving to work i saw it over my shoulder so clear in the blue sky, it's fuzzy shadow outlined just like a huge cotton ball, a real nice sight. Now a car or two is speeding by to get home to watch the lst of the Olympic games or to go to bed or just to get home before dark and it is very quiet out. It had rained today while i was working.

I am thinking... I am so tired of driving back and forth to work already and i have a whole winter to go!! but there is the garden to bring in and hay to spread on it, bills to pay and the house to get ready for winter and wood to bring in and how can i do it already.. are you tired yet?

I am thankful for... for my job, for people being patient with me, for God teaching us how to forgive and be fair and honest.

From the kitchen... parsley juice, dried bananas, nuts and raisins, peas and dishes to do..........

I am wearing... garden clothes and soon to don night clothes

I am creating...a mess that needs to be cleaned up later

I am going... to work to train tomorrow on photographs, Bio paks, tomos, cephs, ortho records, and such things dentally related, then i am going to visit the grandkids and then i am going home to bed

I am reading... bible and the nice little verse on my other web site

I am hoping...for a great amount of something to pay off my bills, for my daughter to come and visit and for all my kids to be ready to meet Jesus in the clouds when He comes the second time

I am hearing... another car go by

Around the house... I refilled the bird feeder, wire to roll up grass to mow, shed to build, Hey does this sound like I need a servant or something hahahha

One of my favorite things... are my pink water jug, pink wooly sheep pj's and the cheesecake that is still in the freezer thatwill stay there until someone else buys it another hahahh

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: It's all described above

Here is picture thought I am sharing...


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