Sunday, August 3, 2008

Long weekend in Canada

FOR TODAY (August 4)...

Outside My Window... wonderful view of the mountains and Roche de Boule peak

I am thinking...that i gave this lady hot dog buns instead of a loaf of bread, oh well she has kids so hopefully she can use them!!! So nice to have a few sunny days where the garden can grow. The raspberries are really huge this year. I would love to have some extra money to go to Calgary this coming weekend!!

I am thankful for...the sun, my ramp , peas are loaded with pods, glad Sheri is doing well after breast cancer surgery, for the yellow bird that was in my yard-western tanager , Mouse traps???!!!!!

From the kitchen...made bread and gave it away to about five people around supper time, so i got a lot of smiles!!! and the house smelled of fresh bread for a long time!!

I am shirt, black denims, brown clogs, hair tied back

I am creating...I did make a ramp for the back entrance, it works!!! otherwise nothing---although I did go visit my friend and she had just finished quilting a bear claw blanket that she made. I should be so inspired. She will put it in the fair for display.

I am going...outside working in the garden and mowing the lawn

I am reading...still 'annapurna', can't seem to get it finished but probably will this week --video on Anapurna youtube

I am hoping...that i will hear from my son who is bolivia

I am hearing...the roar of engines as hot rodders roar up the road with their trucks and four wheelers, the other day 8 of them went roaring past the yard, rototillers and logging trucks in the morning, the wind is galing up a storm for the night--i hope it will not rain until we go back to work

Around the house... dishes as usual to do, clean sheets for the week in the dryer still

One of my favorite my new kitchen and the white quilted pillow case from IKEA that has the folded opening in the back and the pillow is the crunchy-up kind that is always comfortable!!!!

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: go see the lawyer to get a letter drawn up for my car refund, make oatmeal raisin cookies and get them sent off to the kids along with the peanutbutter ones, go to smithers tomorrow and see the grandkids, general work week, and give the two remaining loaves of bread to the flea market person

Here is picture thought I am sharing...



Chez Nous said...

Would you come over and bake at my house? Your cookies and bread look scrumptious!

Cookie Sunshine said...

After you leave Chez Nous, would you come over and bake at my house too?

Wishing you a very good week.


Thru Pink Curtains said...

sure !!!! there will be a fifty dollar fee for the service hahahha