Monday, January 18, 2010

Monday for all to see

For today--- from my daybook

Outside my is a white sultry day that is snowing and cool andthe horse is standing outside trying to see if there is any movement in this house, he is a onely horse all day just standing there. Does he feel like me sometimes and wishes he had a dog around!!!!!!!
I am thinking... of what to write here and what to give my daughter and how i am going to remember what i am taught to give it to my clients, to bring honor to those who are gracious to me, to long for the day that i sleep forever and wake to eternity when Jesus comes

I am thankful for... that God has blessed even though I am such a sinner.  what a merciful God I have!!!

I am wearing... still in pjs after actually forgetting it was Monday, getting dressed in jeans after, it is amazing how many of us are in pjs.  we are ladies of the home i guess!!

I am many times people have said i look so much like this lady and to some degree i do, no grey hair have i at 60, but it would be nice if i looked as young,,,,she is my grandmother who has now passed away

I am the dishes, wait for my neighbor to bring potatoes over and then tomorrow probably take it to town for my daughter, to sew her curtains as well
I am currently reading...Daniel and the Revelation by Uriah Smith

I am hoping... could not find the Common Ground site,  but i am hoping that there is someone out there with whom i have that connection

On my mind... how come i feel so useless sometimes, and so i better get up and do something.  the things of this world are so empty, heaven seems so inviting right now

Noticing that... the snowfalkes were falling to the east instead of the west

Pondering these words...For many survivors, healing begins when they find a comforting shoulder or a safe place to talk about their complicated and conflicting ...

From the kitchen... nothing just raw green salad with sprouts and seeds

Around the house...washing is done so there is a lot of sewing to do, sweep th porch

One of my favorite things... raspberry sauce with asparagas and lemon with a mild white cheese

From my picture journal...

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