Sunday, February 21, 2010

where time stand still............

For today--- from my daybook... this is for Monday morning


Outside my windy out lately, my brush piles still have to be burned and it is still dark out, the bird seeder is empty and there is muc everywhere............still waiting for the snow to melt  hahha

I am thinking...i need to set the clock , make muffins in the morning, and black bean cakes

I am thankful for... home, car, food, the forebearance God has to me and the example of loving kindness he has when mistakes are made,

I am

I am remembering...what it was like last spring-can hardly wait to start putting in a garden again

I am wash my car tomorrow

I am currently reading...Daniel and the Revelation by Uriah Smith and Daniel 11. One more chapter to go and this is the glory chapter where Michael stands up and is going to save us

I am hoping... our prayers for a mended family will be answered--3

On my mind... another weekend is over and with it came a visit from one daughter, a phone call from a friend, and a just a plain lazy two days that were too relaxing!!!! but it will but it will be nice to work again

Noticing that... it is almost time to burn the grass

Pondering these words..change your breathing, change your health, change your life

From the kitchen... black beans and rice today and two weeks till payday!!

Around the house...magazines that i have to decide to get rid of--tons of victoria and martha stewart
One of my favorite kitchen

From my picture journal...

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