Monday, November 16, 2009

A month has gone by

FOR TODAY...november 16, 2009
i looked at the last entry and a whole month almost has passed and it has been that long since i have a few minutes to sit down and actally write, so here it is......

Outside my window... well between the flowered curtains i can see that it is still dark out--quarter after seven

I am thinking... i have probably said it all this morning but right now i keep seeing shadows move and i am thinking i am going to have to get one of those ultrasonic plugins to scare mice away.  they don't eat the poison anymore. 

I am thankful for... for this week off, my boss has gone to San Diego,  how do you spell that!!, for a seminar, it has been nice to be at home as i am sorting junk and moving it around and trying to get rid of it - threw out a little bit---hahahha

I am wearing... well wouldn't you know it,, its almst like when the phone rings when you are in the is white.....

I am remembering...the times when my mom was alive and the times i would phone and dad would answer the phone with OH! Hi Buff,,,,,hey Orlo...its buff come to the phone...

I am going... probably going to Smithers today, that is town about 45minutes away.....and bringing my kids the junk i sorted out so they can throw it away...hahhaha

I am reading...just magazines--Mary Janes Farm,  Romantic Country decorating because it has pink in it  and e-Sword on the computer--a bible platform

I am hoping... that i will be able to read a few of your entries, that i will get a decent paycheck after this month, that God will answer a couple of prayers for today and that each of you wil have a good day full of blessings to put on paper

On my mind... well that is almost the same as i am hoping and remembering and thankful and thinking......

From the learning rooms... the learning rooms of my mind tells me to be careful what and who i critisize, to be more understanding of other people--there is always a reason what they do and to remember the issue behind the action.

Noticing that... it is getting daylight now and there is still the same snow out as was yesterday

Pondering these words... a little clipping my mother had saved---it is funny how you never get too old to learn some new ways to be foolish

From the kitchen...Creamed eggs on toast for breakfast, gren salad with pears, feta, pecans and lemon dressing for dinner and am going to make some hard bread---now aren't i just absent minded for a moment what is it called.........

Around the house... lots of boxes to put away and christmas decorations to sort out and a womens meeting to get ready for, clothes to wash and get ready for work tomorrow

One of my favorite things~ i just love this old couch with white sheets covering it and green pillows with a lace one too

From my picture journal...

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