Monday, April 6, 2009

hen gathers her chicks?????

FOR TODAY (April 6, Monday)...

Outside my DAYLIGHT !!!! it is so nice to get up in the morning and go to work when it is daylight and there are just grey cloudy skies but it is warmish out. Snow is finally melting in the chilly air and mud is everywhere

I am is finally Spring, i even took the plastic off the windows this morning!!!!

I am thankful for...God who has created the earth is six days and that He is constant and so is the earth there will be no question where i came from or where i will go....

From the learning rooms...well i had the grandkids this weekend and it was a learning experience in patience, they are very sweet girls

From the kitchen...made beetroot, apple, buttermilk muffins---which are very good actually!!!!

I am wearing...Pink

I am creating...doll blankets , maybe a pink dress for the girls, and easter treats

I am work

I am reading...CPR manual, orofacial myofunctional therapy manual

I am buy this dumpy house that i love the look of!!!!

I am hearing...the blessed sounds of silence

Around the arranging, painting the back room, dishes, muffins for wednesday

One of my favorite things...this couch

A few plans for the rest of the week:work, planning for my two daughter spa weekend here and things to do together

Here is picture thought I am sharing...() just needing an extra loving touch!!!!

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Well that was a nice post. I liked it.