Monday, April 27, 2009

A busy day

For Today...Monday morning 27th

Outside my window...For once on a monday i can write that it is a bright clear blue sky, full sun and a mere warm!!!!!!!!!! -3. well it will warm up today!!!
I am hearing......the loader already--he has started the motor and letting it warm up, pellet stove is running and so is the fridge, the neighbours are walking by talking away !!!!!! and me sniffing my nose from the cold

I am thinking... i have to type fast and get ready for work as it is 7:26am already

From the kitchen... a sink full of dishes i have to do today and for breakfast left over green salad
I am thankful for.....a most loving God who was our Passover and now our Living saviour who has taken our sins and put them in the depths of the sea, He comes into our hearts at a moments notice and gives us joy and peace...
I am praying.....for my children, the place where i work, for me, for my church and neighbors, and you

I am wearing... still in pink pj's but there will be scrubs as usual

I am reading...Bible on Mark 14....

I am get the finances settled soon after we put bids in on a trailer, to get my garden plowed, and to get thru this day with no hitches!!!
A few plans for the rest of the go over my Myo tonite, get my housework more or less done, i already cleaned my car yesterday!!!!, clean off my porch, go for a bike ride and do some raking in the yard

Around the! what a filled question--there is major clearing/burning to do from piles of brush

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you...

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