Monday, March 23, 2009

Monday Morning Again

For Today..
Outside my window... daylight is beginning to show and the morning is warm, yesterday the birds were singing from the treetops just in full chorus

I am thinking... back to work again after a day of being very lazy, am i going to be able to work today!!!!
From the learning rooms...
I am thankful for... for the peace and tranquility of my home and for soft music, for the peace which comes from knowing the love of Jesus, and for the care He gives each of us in our daily life. my daughter has just separated and i cry everyday for the children as they have ben separated from their parents\

From the kitchen... just mixed grain cereal for breakfast with hemp milk and bananas
I am wearing...Pink pj.s---What else!!!!!!!
I am reading... my phone bill--there was a credit instead ,well that was nice also am going to get a book called "When all you have is hope" by Frank O"dea
I am hoping...that my daughter will have a change of heart as with the husband, they desperately need it
I am creating... nothing again but i may start on a couple of doll dresses and a matching one for my granddaughter
I am hearing... the washer going and my daughter forgot her cell phone here so it is beeping too. a lot of beeps in this world eh!
Around the house... snow is melting and i need to wash sheets today from company this weekend, dishes are almost done but most of them are mine so will do that tonite too
One of my favorite things...this couch is pretty confortable!!!!!
A few plans for the rest of the week...staying in town this week so that will be nice to not travel
Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you...

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