Monday, March 16, 2009

Monday Morning

For Today..

Outside my window... darkness still reigns as it is still 6:30 in the morning

I am thinking... for once it will be nice to go to work today as i have been sitting around the house all weekend from the flu

From the learning rooms...

I am thankful for... for the peace and tranquility of my home and for soft music, for the peace which comes from knowing the love of Jesus, for the color purple

From the kitchen... i got a new blender the other day as the old one broke down, and in the recipe booke there s one for a Spinach Dip.....use half a brick of silken tofu, half a cup of carrots, handful of raw spinach, salt and pepper to taste, tablespoonful of lemon juice, and tsp of tarragon, a little slice of onion and a small clove of garlic. Put this all in your new Vita Mix blender for a second or two and serve on crackers or bread. This is very good!!!!

I am wearing...Pink pj.s---What else!!!!!!!

I am reading... my phone bill

I am hoping... to get my telephone bill settled today as there is a huge mistake on it ---a 800$$$ mistake

I am creating... i have been sewing a couple of bags or purses

I am hearing... chickadees have started their mating calls again, they tried a month ago then quit, but i think spring is just around the corner so they have started again, the dryer just quit, the pellet stove is too silent so i will need to turn the thermostat up, and i love the music on my blog--Thru Pink Curtains

Around the house... signs that spring cleaning definitely needs to be done, dogs have left their tracks , porch needs sorting and i need to order some more pellets. they really are a good thing to invest in.

One of my favorite things...the pink barge on my other blog, i was so excited to see it last weekend

A few plans for the rest of the week... just work,, travelling back and forth from one town to the other, helping my daughter after her decision to divorce, what a stress that is.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you...

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