Sunday, July 13, 2008

Today.............another week


Outside my a cloudy cool morning, with mist on the car as heavy as frost and the sun is trying to shine thru

I am thinking...nothing right now but maybe i need to vacuum up his spider that has made itself at home in my computer room

I am thankful for...the beauty that surrounds me in its quiet serenity that engulfs me in exaggerated eclipses sometimes

From the kitchen...

I am of those lovely puses that everyone is showing off in other blogs, they look so nice, creative and homey

I am be travelling an hour to work and an hour back home every day his next week

I am wearing...brown pj's that are really comfortable and now changing into garden jeans

I am reading...
"dancing under the red star" about four hundred families who moved to Russia in the 1940's under the direction of Henry Ford to build up a car manufg. plant only to discover annihilation under Joseph Stalin. She was the only survivor of four million people to make it back to America.

I am hoping... that my zucchini's will start to grow, i have an albino zucchini plant or what do you call a yellow one with yellow leaves

I am hearing...a robin sing it's favorite song and then talk to it's nest mates

My favorite the warmth of the sun when it comes out, smell of fresh cooking, music of this black man that is singing on 3ABN--Claude Edwards- he has a great voice and easy listening tunes

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week...just remembering to type in the t's that refuse to work on my keypad, weeding as usual, remembering to drink my quota of water, it's going to be a busy week with working and driving so Friday will be the day at home......

a picture thought I am sharing with you...

a hunk i found on facebook that should help me around he kitchen........hey i have a son that looks like that!!!!!!!!

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