Monday, July 21, 2008

One More Week


Outside My Window... is a wall of dark cloud that envelopes the town in rain, but beyond that is blue sky and a sun that is shining thru giving gleams of light into this dark world!! Trees are absolutely still, not even a leaf is moving. Awesome!

I am thinking... there is sunshine for hope

I am thankful for... for this day of work even thought i dread going, but i am thankful that i have this day and this next week to work--better than not working!

From the kitchen...I am making another salad for breakfast!!!! with stuff from my garden and on top will be a hemp dressing as usual and nuts and ground flax

Hemp Dressing

3 limes -extract the juice
some Sea salt - pinch or four or five shakes
2 medium pickles with garlic and about a tblespoonfull of picle juice plus about a tsp more
about a quarter cup of hemp
1-2-2 1/2 -3 tbsp maple syrup

I know that this is not your typical recipe but i don't measure and it turns out different everytime but still tastes delicious, hope it turns out good for you!

I am wearing... I need to get out of these pink pj''s and get ready for scrubs!! and this blanket is so warm wrapped around me!

I am creating...nothing today but check back later in the day............stil nothing -----toooo tired, just computing!!!

I am going... nowhere except to the health grocery store, I bought flour, raisins, Taipan coconut, chocolat soy revel that tastes divine!, white flour, pecans, sunflower seeds, Loma Linda Super Links or veggie weiners,

I am reading... Anna purna - this mountain climber is up to 25,000feet now and they still haven't found their main peak, running out of food and it is quite cold, still getting along with the villagers and each other, and seeing lots of women, but climbing the mountain decending and ascending for some peculiar reason i don't understand mountain climbing i guess!!!!

I am hoping... for money and a full time job and to get out of debt!, also for my kids to love the Lord Jesus and be ready when he comes in the clouds of heaven!

I am hearing... people driving their cars home from work, the neighbor couple coming home from a walk--i can hear them talking!--, and the silence that is around me

Around the house... are boxes and stuff all over because i was loking for this mouse!!! Now I have to put it all back --- no mouse!

One of my favorite things...
this blanket

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week:
river rafting that i am petrified of with the dental clinic, working in smithers again, lawyers today, and weeding as usual and picking raspberries

Here is picture thought I am sharing... that's what i feel like too at the end of the day!!!



kadezmom said...

What a beautiful looking salad on your headliner.

What is hemp dressing? I do believe I'm going to be googling that later.

Have a great week!

A happy heart at home said...

I enjoyed reading your Daybook. Feel free to come by and see mine. Have a good week.