Monday, December 8, 2008

one of those days

FOR TODAY (december already it is so close to christmas and the end of the year and my kids birthdays...three of them)..

Outside my window...dark out and beyond that i can't see anything but the plastic on the windows

I am would be nice to sit on this couch all day, i am tired after esterdays party preparations and stress of it all, i am sort f discuted with everyone as a program was planned and they were so rude to talk all the way thru it. guess i will have a meeting where everyone can just talk!!!! there i vented................

I am thankful for...for those who showed up though, and i am thankful for this couch and for the few moments in the morning to relax before work

From the learning rooms...humm what have i learned today........or what should i learn...possibly tat i should just let everybody do their own thing but then the meetings and purpose for the meetings will go down the drain, time to resign?????

From the kitchen...left over salad from last night for breakfast and i wish i had that apple charlotte, it was good

I am wearing...brown pjs and they have sheep printed on the bottoms-should i be sheepish about my comments!!!!

I am creating...a white gingerbread house from styrofoam

I am get ready for work and then tonite is a church board meeting that will have leftover decorations and food from last nite

I am and lesson on the computer

I am hoping...that i will survive the next week full of parties

I am hearing...the dryer just quit and the alarm on my phone just rang and now there is silence but for the clicking of fingernails on these keys

Around the house...oh my there is always lots to dom it never ends, but i will probably just leave everything till next week or something during the holidays we have two weeks so that is when i will decorate the house for next year haah just kidding hahah

One of my favorite monkey

A few plans for the rest of the week:going to dye my hair pink

Here is picture thought I am sharing...()

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