Sunday, June 22, 2008

For Today

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Outside my computer window i love looking at the view of green grass, trees, the wild bunny eating grass, wind in the bushes and new snow on the mountain

I am thinking... that it would be nice if this day were 10 hours longer for tomorrow is another work week!

I am thankful for...for all the people in blogland who believe in Jesus

From the kitchen...for the sun that shines after the rain and music that matches the mood, I think the Gaithers have a song that says something like this....

I am try and dress up some of my dolls for display

I am going...nowhere! just staying at home

I am pj's right now

I am reading...

I am hearing...the computer humm, birds outside calling, that's it

I am get my Women's Ministry schedule ready for a tea this weekend

Around the house...OH! many things to do, fence around the garden and to put a fence up for the raspberries, mow the lawn and do a little weeding in the garden, vaccuum and that should take up the whole day

One of my favorite poppies that are growing in the garden

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week...working here at home and travelling two days a week to another town and trying to stay on my raw food diet, figuring out what to do about a new car.

A picture for you----found this on the web someplace and thought it was cute......

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